Welcome to the world of editing and publishing. I will, or can, be your guide to this mysterious world and provide insight into what happens behind the publisher’s doors. But I am not here just to promote the beauty of words through stories. My assistance may be required throughout your whole writing journey.

Peta Culverhouse is a committed, honest and very considerate editor. I have been working with Peta as I navigate the waters of writing, to help me learn how to increase the capacity of my manuscript, and to enhance the writing skills I already have.

Peta gives her heart and soul to each project and piece of writing and she is totally dedicated to making the story the best it can be. Peta offers most helpful ideas to improve my work, however, she is very aware that it is my story, and she does not take away my essence from the story I am telling.

I trust Peta’s knowledge and honour her deep love of the written word.

And I look forward to a long and prosperous adventure in my writing with Peta as my guide.

Donna Davies


When fate brought you and my manuscript together, a third class rail experience through India in mid-summer became a sojourn on South Africa’s Blue train in high season.

You found something in my work that I dared but hope existed. Such is an incalculable reward for a putative author given your role as an advocate for the reader rather than my aligned champion.

Thanks for your encouragement and professionalism.

Tony Smith